The palace of the countryside of Finland is easy to Hang on your wall. Materials include Finnish birch, acrylic, metal and glass. For more information on the materials you will find below.

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The wood boards are pressed onto a 15 mm thick Finnish birch. They are made of Precision graded, premium quality birch. The natural shade and pattern of the tree give each table a unique look and a warm, homely, natural end result.

When printing the tiles, nature-friendly, VOC-free inks are extremely durable. The routed background makes it easier to hang. Large-sized drawers have aluminum brackets.



Acrylic boards are printed directly on the back of transparent Acrylic to ensure a clean, spectacular appearance of the photo. The board consists of a 4 mm thick Acrylic with a 3 mm white AluDibondi background to guarantee the longevity of the board.

Bright colors and glossy finish make an acrylic impression-inspiring design element. Transparent, sharp edges create a finish finish, and the aluminum suspension mechanism brings the painting beautifully out of the wall.



The 3-mm thick Alu-Dibond metal board gives a great view of the details of the picture. The material is very light and durable, with water, light, time and life.

The flatness of the metal and the Satin-white printing surface ensure a great color and detail that brings a photo-like finish to the picture. The aluminum suspension mechanism is easy to install, so you do not have to worry about hanging up the board.



Glass panels are made of 6 mm thick polished safety glass. The image is heat and water-resistant and is therefore suitable for use where ordinary glass is used. With this stunning material, you can bring beautiful landscapes anywhere – pictures are weather-resistant.

Thanks to its features, the glass print is also great for spaces where many other materials, such as Canvas, would not bend. Heat, water and weather resistance give you a whole new place to use.


Puu, Akryyli, Metalli, Lasi


30×20, 45×30, 60×40, 90×60, 120×80